Council committees

The council is made up of 39 councillors who are elected every four years. Councillors are democratically accountable to the residents of the ward they represent.

Conservative: 29 councillors (74.4%)

Labour: 7 councillors (17.9%)

Liberal Democrat: 2 councillors (5.1%)

Independent: 1 councillors (2.6%)

Making decisions

Some decisions are made by the full Council, but many are delegated to different committees.

Each of our committees has a different remit, making decisions about different services and functions that the Council performs. Each committee assists with developing, implementing and reviewing policies of all areas within its remit.

Part 2 of the Council's constitution (Responsibility for functions) gives a detailed explanation of each of our committees remits, and responsibilities.


Operational Committees

Regulatory Committees

Shared Committees

Operational committees

Policy and Finance committee

Makes key strategic decisions (other than those which must be determined by full Council) including all decisions which have a major impact on a number of Council services or on the Council as a whole.

Economic Development committee


Leisure and Environment committee

Develops and adopts policies and procedures in accordance with the Council’s cleaner, safer, greener strategy and leisure and culture strategy.

Homes and Communities committee


Regulatory committees


Considers all planning applications, appeals and planning contraventions. It also discharges all other functions relating to town and country planning and development control.

General Purposes

Considers applications for hackney carriage and private hire licences. It also deals with licensing functions other than those falling within the remit of the Licensing Committee and functions relating to parishes, elections and electoral registration.


Required under the Licensing Act 2003 to discharge licensing functions such as issuing licences for the sale of alcohol and late night refreshments.

Audit and Accounts

Oversees the Council’s internal control framework and approves the Council’s published accounts.

Joint Economic Prosperity committee

For all authorities covering the City of Nottingham and County of Nottinghamshire. Drives future investment in jobs and growth within the area.

City of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Economic Prosperity Committee