Committee details

Policy & Performance Improvement Committee

Members of the public can ask questions at Full Council committee meetings.

The process for this is outlined on our website and in Part C (Responsibility for Functions) of our constitution.

Purpose of committee

The Policy and Performance Improvement Committee (PPI) is committed to the development of a respectful relationship between itself, the Cabinet and external partners. The work of the PPI Committee, its Working Groups and Call-In Sub-Committee is underpinned by the following six principles:


1.      To positively and proactively contribute to the effective delivery of the Council’s aims and objectives, reflecting the vision and priorities of the Council, and ensuring accountability.


2.      To develop a respectful relationship between the Committee, the Cabinet and external partners.


3.      Enable purposeful, constructive and challenging performance review.


4.      To be open to external outlook and input.


5.      To consider cost effectiveness in the discharge of its functions.


6.      To ensure that no individual Member may be involved in reviewing a decision or policy which they have had direct involvement with.


The PPI Committee is not a decision-making body. The exercise of its powers and functions are delegated by the Full Council to the Committee in relation to development of policy as may be requested by the Cabinet, and review of performance and improvement including the Council’s statutory functions relating to scrutiny.



Contact information

Support officer: Helen Brandham. Email: