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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Economic Development Revenue and Capital Financial Outturn Report to 31 March 2021 ref: 50516/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Forward Plan (June 2021 to May 2022) ref: 50416/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Urgency Item - Embankment Repair Work Required at Vicar Water Country Park, Clipstone ref: 51116/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Annual Review of Exempt Items ref: 50316/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Urgency Item - Brownfield Land Release Fund - 32 Stodman Street ref: 51016/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Urgency Item - Newark Levelling Up Fund - Newark Southern Link Road (SLR) ref: 50916/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
The Buttermarket - First Floor ref: 51216/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Newark High Street Heritage Action Zone Update ref: 50816/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Local Development Framework Progress Update ref: 50716/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Funding Opportunities Update ref: 50216/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Newark Towns Fund Update ref: 50616/06/202116/06/2021Not for call-in
Potential Routemap To The Electrification Of The NSDC Fleet ref: 46716/03/202116/03/2021Not for call-in
Southwell Leisure Centre Trust (SLCT) Alternative Management Arrangements ref: 46816/03/202116/03/2021Not for call-in
Annual Review Of The Exempt Reports Considered By The Leisure & Environment Committee ref: 46516/03/202116/03/2021Not for call-in
Climate Emergency Update ref: 46616/03/202116/03/2021Not for call-in
Proposal For A Public Space Protection Order - Vicar Water Country Park ref: 46316/03/202116/03/2021Not for call-in
Hawtonville Community Centre and Reach Update and Lease Arrangements ref: 46416/03/202116/03/2021Not for call-in
Presentation Regarding Public Health/Active Notts Physical Insight Project ref: 43719/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Active4Today - Final Business Plan 2020/21 and Performance Update ref: 43819/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Proposal for a Public Space Protection Order - Vicar Water Country Park ref: 43919/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Leisure & Environment Revenue and Capital Forecast Outturn Report to 31 March 2021 as at 30 November 2020 ref: 44119/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Leisure & Environment Committee Revenue Budget 2021/22 ref: 44019/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Leisure & Environment Committee Forward Plan ref: 44319/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Exclusion of the Press and Public ref: 44419/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Urgency Item - Garden Recycling ref: 44219/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Southwell Leisure Centre Trust Update ref: 44519/01/202119/01/2021Not for call-in
Governance Arrangements ref: 48104/05/202104/05/2021Not for call-in
Planning Scheme of Delegation ref: 48204/05/202104/05/2021Not for call-in
Deferring Consideration of the Political Composition of the Council and the Appointments for 2021/22 ref: 48004/05/202104/05/2021Not for call-in
Notice of Motion ref: 48304/05/202104/05/2021Not for call-in
Capital Strategy 2021/22 ref: 45909/03/202109/03/2021Not for call-in
Appointment of an Independent Member to the Audit & Accounts Committee ref: 45409/03/202109/03/2021Not for call-in
Members Allowances - Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel ref: 45509/03/202109/03/2021Not for call-in
Pay Policy Statement 2021/22 ref: 45609/03/202109/03/2021Not for call-in
Investment Strategy 2021/22 ref: 45709/03/202109/03/2021Not for call-in
Treasury Management Strategy Statement 2021/22 ref: 45809/03/202109/03/2021Not for call-in
Capital Programme 2021/22 to 2024/25 ref: 46009/03/202109/03/2021Not for call-in
2021/22 to 2024/25 Medium Term Financial Plan ref: 46109/03/202109/03/2021Not for call-in
Revenue Budget and Council Tax Setting 2021/22 ref: 46209/03/202109/03/2021Not for call-in
2021/22 Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget and Rent Setting ref: 44609/02/202109/02/2021Not for call-in
Change in Committee Membership ref: 44709/02/202109/02/2021Not for call-in
Proposed Changes to the Constitution - Financial Policies and Procedures ref: 44809/02/202109/02/2021Not for call-in