Issue - decisions

Alexander Lodge Service Offer

21/02/2024 - Proposed Operating Model for Alexander Lodge, Newark (Key Decision)

AGREED that Cabinet:


a)       note the progress of the scheme and the allocated budgets for 2024-25;


b)       approve the transfer of £17,033 from the Homelessness Reserve to revenue for the one-off items listed in the table at 4.3 (summarised at 5.2.3) of the report;


c)        approve budgetary provision a caretaker post, funded through service charges;


d)       note that costs of the caretaker role of £28,195 will be funded from the existing budget set for 2024/25; and


e)       approve additional budget of £30,000 for the purchase of a vehicle (subject to caretaker role approval) and inclusion into vehicle replacement programme.