Agenda item

Land off A17, Coddington (20/01452/OUTM)


The Committee considered the report of the Business Manager – Planning Development, which sought outline planning permission for thedevelopment of site for distribution uses (Use Class B8) including ancillary offices and associated works including vehicular and pedestrian access, car parking and landscaping.


Members considered the presentation from the Business Manager - Planning Development, which included photographs and plans of the proposed development.


A schedule of communication was tabled at the meeting which detailed correspondence received after the Agenda was published from the Agent; Coddington Parish Council; and Planning Case Officer.


Councillor D Armstrong on behalf of Coddington Parish Council spoke in accordance with the views of Coddington Parish Council, as contained within the report.


Councillor Mrs M Dobson, adjacent Ward Member for Collingham Ward, spoke against the application on the following grounds:  Approving a logistics park in the open countryside would cause more traffic and planning permission on this site had been refused on a number of occasions.  This application was considered a speculative development and there was no guarantee that Curry’s wanted extra space or any other business.  They were supportive of jobs but that needed to be in the right place. 


Members considered the application and commented that the economic growth of 525 jobs and income this development would bring was an attractive proposition.  Members were however uncomfortable with development in the open countryside and the loss of green field land and the traffic impact that a development of this size would bring.  It was commented that there were more appropriate sites in the district that could be secured.  The current traffic problems around the show ground were discussed.  The larger future master plan on this site also raised concern as Members hadn’t been informed of the details.  Members also commented that this was development on an archaeological site and hoped that would be closely monitored.  Concern was raised regarding the creation of an additional roundabout on a dangerous section of road and the bridge in close proximity.  The noise and impact of the existing site was commented as huge.  The proposed shuttle bus into Newark was considered good and would ease traffic entering into Newark.  During reserve matters the need for EV charging points was required.  The visual impact of the current Curry’s warehouse was different to this and it was considered that this wouldn’t be as intrusive as the current warehouse.  The closeness to the open break and Yew Tree Wood was also commented upon.


The Chairman informed Members that the local Ward Member Balderton North and Coddington - Councillor J Lee could not attend the meeting but had asked the Chairman to inform Members that he couldn’t add any further comments and was supportive of and agreed with the Ward comments.


The Chairman commented that this was a speculative development, if there was a named tenant a different approach could be taken. It was further commented that if the named tenant was known the design of the structure could be amended to close proximity of the existing buildings and perhaps the additional roundabout would not be required.


A vote was taken to approve planning permission and lost, with 3 votes For and 11 votes Against.


AGREED      (with 13 votes For and 1 Abstention) that the application be deferred to allow officers to push the agent for a named occupier.

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