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Active4Today - Final Business Plan


The Committee considered the report presented by the Community Projects Manager and Managing Director – Active4Today, which presented the Active4Today Business Plan 2019/20, the Three Year Pricing Strategy 2019-22 and an update on the Company’s latest quarterly performance.


Members discussed the impact on the capital reserves from the withdrawal of swimming lessons from Wellow House School.  It was reported that 59 child memberships had transferred to Newark and Southwell, whilst 94 memberships had been cancelled.  It was confirmed that other venues had been pursed to try and provide a facility to keep the swimming lessons available to customers; however these facilities were either not suitable, or not available.


The payment options to customers were also confirmed which clarified that fixed memberships were not the only type of payment scheme on offer.


Clarification was sought regarding whether the construction of the modular swimming pool could be brought forward.  The Managing Director-Active4Today confirmed that a timetable had been produced and the one year plan for completion was a realistic timescale.


A Member commented on the activity data for the leisure centres and felt that it was unacceptable that the data had been undermined due to system failure.  The Managing Director – Active4Today confirmed that the problem was a high priority for both the Council’s ICT business unit and Active4Today and it was hoped that the current issues would be resolved shortly; the estimated timescale for the resolution was March 2019.


The pricing structure was discussed and the premier membership was queried as this was not included in the pricing structure.  It was confirmed that the premier membership was for a trial basis, which offered one to one training.  The pricing structure provided the membership and pay and play prices of the core offer available.


Members also sought clarification regarding the maps provided within the report and how the postcodes had been allocated providing areas of deprivation.  It was confirmed that the red dots represented the areas of deprivation based on IMD data aligned to areas of lower levels of physical activity as identified in the Physical Activity and Sport Plan.  These locations would be priority areas in respect of increasing levels of participation and it was clarified that residents living in those areas of deprivation would also need to provide evidence that they were eligible for a concession.


AGREED      (with 10 votes For and 1 Abstention) that:


(a)          the Active4Today Business Plan 2019/20 be approved;


(b)          in principle the Three Year Pricing Strategy 2019-22, subject to annual approval of the Active4Today Business Plan be approved;


(c)          Quarter 3 performance be noted;


(d)          Active4Today presents its 2018/19 outturn report to the June Committee meeting with its full year financial position in order that the Committee can form judgements on the appropriateness of the management fee payable in 2019/20; and


(e)          the impact of the loss of swimming pool time at Wellow House School and the anticipated reduction in income that will need to be closely monitored by Active4Today and the Council be noted and reported back to Committee.

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