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Active4Today Performance Report


The Committee considered the report presented by the Director of Customers and Managing Director – Active4Today, which updated Members regarding the performance of Active4Today during the period between April 1 and July 31, 2018.  The report also set out some key issues arising from the information presented and some proposals in response to the issues.


The Director of Customers informed Members of an error in the report at 3.13, the figure for the mechanical and electrical improvements to bring the Dukeries pool up to a usable standard were forecasted at £350,000 and not £450,000 as reported.


Members sought clarification regarding what the modular pool would look like.  It was confirmed that it was constructed from heavy duty plastic and was very energy efficient.  Members were informed that the pool wouldn’t win any design awards but was very economical and cost effective.  The pool had been developed for Rebecca Adlington who ran the Swim Start programme.  The life expectancy was approx. 25 years. 


A Member sought clarification regarding the free seven day trial leisure centre pass which was undertaken over the summer.  It was confirmed that the scheme was not successful and a full report would be submitted to the November Committee, including the cost of the scheme and the results.  It was confirmed that sixty six people took up the opportunity of the scheme.


A Member commented on the Dukeries swimming pool and was disappointed that the Council had not looked more in depth to make the existing pool work.  The cost of the modular pool was considered good and may provide the Council with the answer for Sherwood.  The Wellow swimming provision was considered not an option that made sense when looking at the decline in users. 


The Chairman commented that to invest in the Dukeries pool would not be a good investment compared to the proposed modular pool.


Members discussed the use of the swimming pool at the Wellow House School and whether the contract would be extended after September.  The Managing Director – Active4Today confirmed that the Wellow swimming pool had been the only option to the Council.  There were approx. four hundred children using the Wellow pool.  The school had worked well with the Council regarding allowing public access to the pool facility.  The Service Level Agreement was until 30 September 2018, a meeting had taken place with the new Headmistress who was happy with the current arrangement and was keen to formalise future arrangements. 


The Chairman asked for a report to be submitted to the 13 November 2018 meeting of the Committee finalising all the details regarding the Modular pool and the Wellow House School arrangements.


A Member raised concern regarding the modular pool option and was unsure whether that would be a sound investment.  He felt that there may be an alternative way to deliver a permanent swimming pool and asked the Committee to keep all options open.  He commented on the need for equal opportunities for people across the district.


AGREED           (unanimously) that:


(a)         the Active4Today performance reports be noted; and


(b)         a report on the potential of a modular pool to be provided at         the Dukeries site be brought back to 13 November 2018         meeting of the Committee once officers have completed their    investigations into the viability of such a solution.

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