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Attendance at Committee by NHS Nottingham & Nottinghamshire ICB

The NHS Nottingham & Nottinghamshire ICB will be represented by Alex Ball, Director of Communications and Engagement and Lucy Dadge, Accountable Emergency Officer to discuss the outcome of the listening exercise for the Newark Hospital Minor Injuries Opening Hours and the wider plans for the services within the district.


The Committee considered the presentation jointly delivered by: Lucy Dadge, Director of Integration/Accountable Emergency Officer; Alex Ball, Director of Communications & Engagement and David Ainsworth, Director of Strategy & Partnerships from the NHS Nottingham & Nottinghamshire ICB (NNICB). 


The presentation was in relation to the current and future provision at Newark Hospital.  It set out how a ‘listening exercise’ was undertaken with stakeholders and the number of participants.  Details of the findings of the exercise were provided together with a summary of the findings of the Clinical Senate.  The Options Appraisal process was detailed together with a summary of the next steps to be taken.  It was reported that the ICB Board would make a decision in the Spring of 2024 on the next steps, having taken into consideration the outcome of the listening exercise, the Clinical Senate Review and the Options Appraisal process. 


In considering the presentation, a Member commented on the decision of the Lincoln ICB to provide a 24 hour urgent care service to the people of Grantham and that the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) would offer clinical assessment and stabilisation.  He noted that the people of Newark had concerns about the journey to Kings Mill Hospital in the event of what they may perceive as a serious illness or injury and that they would wish to be offered the same provision of urgent care as that provided at Grantham.  The Member sought clarification from the NNICB for the divergence in provision compared to Grantham.  He also suggested that information be sought from the Lincoln ICB to ascertain whether their 24-hour care provision delivered benefits to patients in terms of safety and effectiveness in comparison to a provision of 12 hours a day.  In noting the relative isolation from acute hospital care, he stated that this was aggravated by flooding leading to the closure of bridges at Kelham and Gunthorpe and that this be factored into decision on acute service provision. 


In response to the above comments, Members were advised that the NNICB commissioned care for Nottinghamshire and that any decision taken by Lincoln ICB would be based on their collection and interpretation of their local data.  Grantham Hospital had a different configuration to that of Newark Hospital and the NNICB had reached a different conclusion, noting that the proposed care provision would continue to be monitored.


Members were further advised that following the temporary closure of the Newark UTC, information had been sought to ascertain whether Newark patients had sought their treatment in Grantham.  The outcome of that had been that 1 patient per day from the Newark area may be seen in Grantham.  In addition, it was noted that the Newark UTC was not an A&E and would not be dealing with major/critical illnesses, i.e. heart attack, road traffic accidents.  Advice would be that should a patient experience chest pains they should remain at home and dial 999.  However, should someone present to the UTC and became unwell whilst there, they would be treated prior to transfer to an acute care facility. 


In noting the projected growth of Newark and its residents, a Member queried whether future proofing of the service provided at Newark Hospital had been considered.  In response, Members were advised that all decisions and proposals had been taken within current NHS guidelines.  It was noted that the need to provide an A&E facility was partially determined using a threshold of people in the area.  When determining provision, forecasting was undertaken for a period of 10 years forward, considering housing provision and the age of the population. 


In closing the debate, the Chair thanked the NNICB representatives for their attendance and requested that an update report be presented to the Committee in 2025.


AGREED      that:


a)            the presentation by the NNICB be noted; and


b)            future updates be brought to the Policy & Performance Improvement Committee, following the outcome of the decision of the ICB Board.

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