Agenda and minutes

Leisure & Environment Committee - Thursday, 15th February, 2018 6.00 pm

Venue: Civic Suite, Castle House, Great North Road, Newark, Notts, NG24 1BY

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Declaration of any Intentions to Record the Meeting


Other than the Council recording in accordance with usual practice, there were no

declarations of intention to record the meeting.


Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 351 KB


AGREED that the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 November 2017, be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Order of Business


With the agreement of the Committee, the Chairman changed the order of business and Agenda Item 7 – Hawtonville Community Centre was taken as the first item of business.  The agenda resumed its stated order thereafter.


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Additional documents:


The Committee considered the report presented by the Community Projects Manager, which provided an update on the current position relating to the operation of Hawtonville Community Centre, the progress being made with the management arrangements following the transfer of the management of the Centre to Newark and Sherwood Homes and for Members to consider the granting of a three year tenancy agreement to REACH a local charity supporting vulnerable adults in Newark and Sherwood.


A summary of the Hawtonville Community Centre Revenue Costs for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 December 2017 was tabled at the meeting.


Members considered the report and welcomed the project and progress made to date.  They felt that the range of community groups was acceptable and with REACH taking on the management of the Centre would make it cost neutral to the Council and would preserve the centre which was a positive step for the area of Hawtonville.  A Member commented that he had some concern regarding the potential loss of the community facility, however felt the Newark Sports Hub could be utilised.  As Members were in support of the proposal and did not want to delay the project it was suggested that recommendation (b) be amended to include the Leisure & Environment Committee Chairman, Vice Chairman and opposition spokesperson in any consultation, in order for Member involvement before the detail was signed off.


In answer to a Members question as to whether any residents of the Hawtonville Estate were clients of REACH, it was confirmed that a proportion of clients were residents of the Hawtonville Estate and the Centre was meeting the needs of that community.


The Director – Safety confirmed that there would be a signed legal agreement (SLA) with REACH to guarantee a community use.  Discussions had also taken place with Newark and Sherwood Homes (NSH) who had confirmed that they would remove themselves from the management of the Centre, which would make recommendation (c) within the report obsolete.


AGREED (unanimously) that:


(a)        the principle of REACH being granted a short term tenancy/agreement for the Centre, not exceeding three years, on the condition that community use as outlined in the report is protected; and


(b)        the Director – Safety be given delegated authority in consultation with the Leisure & Environment Committee Chairman, Vice-Chairman and opposition spokesperson to progress negotiations with REACH and agree the terms of the tenancy or other agreement for its occupation of the Centre.



Leisure & Environment Committee Revenue Budget 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 319 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee considered the report presented by the Assistant Business Manager – Financial Services in relation to the budget and scales of fees and charges for those areas falling under the remit of the Leisure & Environment Committee for 2018/19.


The Current draft budget showed an increase in 2018/19.  Direct Service expenditure excluding deferred and capital charges and all central service recharges currently showed an overall increase of £275,760 against 2017/18 budget.  When central recharges and capital were included this became an increase of £540,160.


The level of fees and charges had been considered by officers within the framework set out in the Corporate Charging Policy.  Proposals for increases in fees and charges were appended to the report for consideration and recommendation to the 22 February 2018 Policy & Finance Committee and 8 March 2018 Council.


A Member sought clarification regarding Service Levels and asked for the number of employees employed to current date by the Council and the number for the same period in 2008.  It was confirmed that this information would be circulated to Members of the Committee.


AGREED (unanimously) that:


(a)        the final Committee budget as shown in Appendix A to the report be recommended to the Policy & Finance Committee at its meeting on 22 February 2018 for inclusion in the overall council budget;


(b)        the scales of fees and charges as shown at Appendix B to the report be recommended to the Policy & Finance Committee at its meeting on 22 February 2018 and Council on 8 March 2018; and


(c)        the number of employees employed by Newark & Sherwood District Council to current date and the number for the same period in 2008 be circulated to Members of the Committee. 



Waste Strategy Review pdf icon PDF 230 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee considered the report presented by the Assistant Business Manager - Waste Management, which provided a review of the Council’s Waste Strategy and proposed amendments to principles and policies.


The Assistant Business Manager informed Members of an amendment to Policy 18 which had been recorded as no change.  The Policy should have read amended, as the Council would continue to offer trade waste recycling services to businesses across the district.


A Member commented on Policy 4 which had reduced any replacement residual bin to households of up to two residents with a 140 litre bin.  This was considered not acceptable and the residents should have the right to a like for like replacement or the opportunity to reduce their bin size at their request.  It was also felt that the reduction in bin size would increase fly tipping.  The Assistant Business Manager explained that the current scheme was to encourage people to recycle and lower the Council’s waste.


A Member commented that the 2006 policy was written in relation to providing bins to new residents.  Current residents could have a like for like replacement whilst new residents of which the district had 273 new properties in the previous year, would be provided with a 140 litre bin unless they could show a need for a 240 litre bin.  The aim of the new policy was to reduce waste and encourage recycling.


The Assistant Business Manager confirmed that whilst he understood the logic behind the suggestion he would be reluctant to have a two tier system.  The policy had always been to provide residents with the bin that they required for the size of the household.


The Chairman commented that there was work required regarding educating the district’s residents on recycling, as everyone seemed unclear as to what could be recycled and the Council also needed to improve their recycling rates.  Clarification regarding the sticker scheme was sought which had been requested at a previous meeting of the Committee. 


The Assistant Business Manager confirmed that a County wide group was addressing recycling and trying to standardise recycling.  A meeting had been scheduled later that month and it was hoped that any decisions made could be rolled out as soon as possible to standardise recycling across the County.  Work was currently being undertaken with new residents informing them through a sticker system what could be placed in their recycling bin.


A Member commented on the wording for the instructions regarding what to do if a resident had contaminated their recycling bin as stated in Policy 10 and suggested that the Policy should read ‘Place the contaminated recycling bin with the residual bin’.


Members discussed the recorded rise in fly tipping and the reason for that.  The Assistant Business Manager confirmed that the rise could be due to the waste management crew having access to hand held devices to record the fly tipping and also the upturn in the economy which had an impact in fly tipping nationally.  It was also confirmed  ...  view the full minutes text for item 39.


Review of Leisure Centre Provision in the West pdf icon PDF 267 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee considered the report presented by the Business Manager Housing and Safeguarding (Project Manager), which informed Members of the progress to date in considering the options available for improving leisure centre provision in the West of the district and to seek approval for the production of a business case on the preferred option.


Members asked that this item be deferred in order for more work to be undertaken as there were a number of projects underway in Ollerton and Boughton, which may be linked into the proposed development.  An expanded report be presented to a future meeting of the Committee.


AGREED (with 7 votes for and 4 votes against) that the item be deferred pending an expanded report to a future meeting of the Leisure & Environment Committee.


Active4Today Business Plan pdf icon PDF 259 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee considered the report presented by the Director – Customers and Managing Director – Active4Today, which presented the Active4Today Business Plan 2018/19 and updated Members on the Company’s latest quarterly performance.


Members were informed that Active4Today was continuing to report year on year growth across the majority of indicators.  Both Adult and children’s memberships were up 10% and 17% respectively across the Council’s three leisure centres and those two indicators were the best indication of the Company’s underlying financial performance.


The number of leisure centre visits from deprived postcodes had remained static year on year, but Members noted proposals within the Active4Today Business Plan to offer a free 7-day pass to households within those postcodes to the Council’s leisure centres. 


The proposed management fee for 2018/19 was £121,220, which was a slight increase on the current management fee.  Within the update report, Active4Today was forecasting an operating surplus at the end of the current financial year of £14,877, with a reserve position of around £400,000.  It was also reported that the Company had stated its desire to have a reserves position of £750,000, made up of around £350,000 to maintain and repair the leisure centres to required standards and £400,000 as contingency.  A prudent reserve position would enable the Company to withstand unforeseen risks without the need to seek financial support from the Council.  Members were also informed that through the contract with Active4Today, 50% of any surplus generated was due to be returned to the Council.  This could offset the cost of the forthcoming management fee or be allocated towards future developments, such as any developments arising from the review of leisure facilities in the west.  The report detailed the proposed price increases and the payment of next year’s management fee which was proposed to be paid in two stages, with 50% at the start of the year and 50% payable half-way through the financial year dependent on the financial performance of Active4Today at that time.


The cash sum paid to provide strategic management support to Southwell Leisure Centre Trust was detailed within the report.  The impact on the budget regarding the proposed management fee to Active4Toady for sports development and leisure centre services (£121,220) and support to Southwell Leisure Centre Trust (£95,850) had been built into the medium-term financial plan and was detailed within the report.


A Member raised concern regarding the recorded visits to the Leisure Centre which had been recorded as down which was not consistent with the increase in membership.  This issue had been raised at the previous meeting and was being investigated.  The Managing Director Active4Today confirmed that a change in software had taken place in September 2017.  Work would continue in this area and the same issue had been recorded at Southwell Leisure Centre.  If the internet/kiosk was down the gates were opened which meant that the data was not captured.  Membership and income had continued to increase.  Discussions were also taking place with the Southwell Leisure Centre Trustees to resolve this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 41.


Future Work Programme

Verbal Report


Members were asked to inform the Leisure & Environment Committee Chairman of any future work areas they would like the Committee to consider.  The two following suggestions were made.  Active4Today Business Plan priorities for the forthcoming year and Sports Development in the future.


AGREED that Members consider future work areas for the Leisure & Environment Committee.


Urgency Item- Garden Waste Collection


The Committee noted the decision regarding the increased cost of the Garden Waste Service to £35. 


The reason why the decision was taken through the urgency procedure was that Rushcliffe Borough Council, which administered the scheme on behalf of the Council and Mansfield District Council needed to write to recipients of the service to give them sufficient notice of any proposed changes for 2018/19 prior to 1 April 2018.


The £35 charge was in line with the fee charged within Rushcliffe, but more than the cost of the service charged for Mansfield residents.  The rural nature of Rushcliffe and Newark and Sherwood resulted in higher collection costs than Mansfield which benefited from reduced travelling distances due to the more urban nature of the District.


AGREED (unanimously) that the urgency item be noted.


Health and Wellbeing

Verbal Report


The Leisure & Environment Committee Vice-Chairman informed the Committee that the Health & Wellbeing Board had met with the Newark & Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and constructive dialogue took place confirming what each party could achieve.  The Health & Wellbeing Board had also adopted the Health & Wellbeing strategy.


The Director Public Health Nottinghamshire - Barbara Brady had also attended the Health & Wellbeing Board meeting and was confident that work was being undertaken for public health & wellbeing through District Council initiatives.


The Vice chairman however reported some hard hitting statistics which had come from the Board meeting, which had stated that the life expectancy of the County was 3-7 years less than that of the national average.  Living a healthy and active lifestyle was up to 15 years difference for the County compared to the national average.  The impact from the systems/services that the Council ran in conjunction with the CCG could affect everything in resident’s daily lives.  There was so much that the Council could offer and adopt more initiatives and policies regarding wellbeing.


The Leader of the Council confirmed that the Council was involved with a huge amount of work regarding Health and Wellbeing, which needed to be joined up with other organisations to deliver the public health agenda.  One of the key issues to be addressed was engaging with the CCG and General Practitioners (GP’s).


The Business Manager Housing and Safeguarding (Project Manager) confirmed that the Health & Wellbeing Board had agreed the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.  The Council’s key role was to deliver the strategy.  The Council was currently considering how it could pull that area of work together with the CCG and then report that work back to the Committee.  Primary care was being researched with GP’s and local schemes for better care funding were being pursued.