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Performance Framework

Meeting: 05/03/2024 - Cabinet (Item 106)

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The Transformation & Service Improvement Manager presented a report and presentation to Members, which detailed the Performance Framework and indicators that would be used to monitor and measure our performance against the 2024-27 Community Plan. Performance would be measured against 117 targets, 30 of which were newly added. Of the targets, 38 were numerical, 32 a percentage target and 47 targets would use trend or demands to create realistic targets for the service. The report detailed those existing targets which had been altered. The Cabinet welcomed the new performance framework.


AGREED      (unanimously) to review the Performance Framework and any accompanying comments carried forward from the Policy & Performance Improvement Committee


Reasons for Decision

Performance reporting is a key aspect of how we perform as a Council. It is vital that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of our Performance Framework to ensure that we remain committed to being a top performing, modern and accessible Council. To enable the Cabinet to monitor performance management and compliance to drive improvement.


Options Considered

Not applicable.