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CAP Update

Meeting: 23/06/2022 - Licensing Committee (Item 5)

Community Alcohol Partnership Update


Councillor Lee Brazier, the Committee’s representative on the Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) provided Members with an update of the work being undertaken.


He advised there were two CAPs operating within the district: one covering Ollerton, Edwinstowe and Boughton; and the other was Clipstone.  This was in partnership with Mansfield District Council as it incorporated Forest Town which lies within the district of Mansfield.


CAP works close with Nottinghamshire County Council, the Police, Mansfield District Council, Youth Services, retailers, pubs, schools in an attempt to gauge people’s feelings in relation to ASB, alcohol and substance misuse.  One issue at present is the increase in cannabis use by young people with it being found to be cheaper than cigarettes.  The Police and ASB were aware of this and the situation was being monitored.


At the Clipstone meeting held that day, the Alcohol Education Trust were in attendance and advised that they would be arranging training for individuals who were suffering with misuse issues.


CAP had recently developed a new free online licensing course for employers to offer out to their staff e.g. pubs, shops, off-licences. This would offer knowledge around licensing laws and legislation.  There would be three modules to the training and before moving on to the next module the attendee would be required to take an assessment to ensure they have taken on board the information given.  Before this was rolled out, it would be previewed by Licensing Officers and the Chairman of the Licensing Committee to ensure it was suitable for its intended purpose.  


A recent survey had been taken at Garibaldi School in relation to alcohol consumption by teenagers between the ages of 13 and 15, the final figures for which were awaited.  These would be reported to a future meeting of the Licensing Committee. 


There were 256 CAPs nationally but of those, not all were active.  Some CAPs met monthly, the ones in this district met quarterly, some met twice a year and some only met annually.